Sulapac have been tested successfully by +100 converters throughout the world. Sulapac materials are designed for mass-production with existing plastic production lines, molds and machinery enabling a resource efficient transition towards a cleaner future.

Bio-based content, recyclability and sustainably sourced raw materials are features shared by all Sulapac materials. Furthermore, they biodegrade fully leaving no permanent microplastic or toxic load behind.

Order samples or purchase material for test runs. Our experts are there to secure a smooth transition from conventional plastics to sustainable Sulapac.

Sustainable materials for various technologies

Explore our materials for a specific manufacturing technology or have a look at our industry specific solutions. You can also get inspired by the various customer cases here.

Materials designed like nature

Nature knows best. That’s why we design Sulapac materials to mimic the beauty, functionality and circularity of nature.

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Scientific background

Deep dive into our material features and learn about the scientific criteria and validation behind our statements.

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Replace conventional plastic with the beautiful, functional and sustainable Sulapac material. We will help you to make the switch smoothly.